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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Ultralife is a unique multilayered application built with UCoat water-based epoxy as a base (applied to two coats) with two or more topcoats of UGloss-AF urethane saturated with single- or multicolored vinyl UFlek flake aggregate providing a unique, decorative, high-build floor for heavy traffic areas and interior spaces. UGloss-AF is applied to seal in the flakes and provide chemical resistance and UV stability. Ultralife is also an excellent resurfacer for damaged floors that do not require heavy compressive strength. RECOMMENDED USES: This system is primarily used for those applications where coatings must exhibit superior resistance to heavy foot traffic and physical impact. UltraLife is noted for outstanding abrasion resistance, structural integrity, and superior adhesion characteristics. Not Recommended For: High temperature applications such as metal torching and cutting facilities. Due to the self-leveling characteristics of the product, use is restricted to horizontal surfaces. Materials Required To create an UltraLife finish, you will need the following UCoat It floor coating materials: UCoat water-based epoxy (any color) — enough for two coats of material over the entire area. UGloss-AF solvent-based urethane (clear) — enough for at least two coats of material over the entire area. Note: the flakes will tend to 'soak-up' more material than usual, so coverage rates will be less than normal. (add 20%). UFlek vinyl flakes (any color) — enough for approximately 6x the normal application for UFlek-AF finishes. This is generally 6 UFlek jugs for every 576 sq.ft. Step 1 - Preparation 1. Read and understand the standard UCoat and UGloss-AF instructions that are included with those kits. Review the Instruction manual included with your UCoat Kit. Pay particular attention to floor prepara- tion instructions. 2. Make sure you have the required coating material on hand according to the checklist above. It is always better to have excess than to run short. UGloss-AF is a solvent-based product and therefore must be sent via standard ground shipping. This can delay your project and might require sanding of the floor to continue application. 3. Follow the detailed preparation instructions starting on page 3 of your UCoat Customer Instruction Manual under the heading: Getting Ready to UCoat It. Good floor preparation is required and is the key to creating a beautiful, lasting floor! Date Revised: 07/2012

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